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Betty Davis (1913-1989)

     Helen E. Davis, known to one and all as Betty, was born in Fayetteville and lived here for all of her 75 years.  Her home was at 210 South Manlius Street, near the center of the village.  She worked at the center of the village, too, as a crossing guard at the Salt Spring, and Manlius Streets intersections.  For 181/2 years she helped the children cross safely on their way to and from school.

     Betty was known for her weekly column, Fayetteville Today, in the Eagle Bulletin.  It was a personals column that she wrote for many years.  During those years her daughter remembers her as always being on the telephone.  The community depended on her for news of their neighbors.

     Betty also was interested in the history of her community.  For several years she researched and wrote an occasional column for the Eagle Bulletin called Sidelights on History.  Many of her  columns were based on her own recollections.

     Betty was also a collector, particularly of postcards.  Her collection focused on the villages in the immediate vicinity - Fayetteville, Manlius, Minoa, Chittenango, etc.  She was also interested in the local canals and octagon houses.  At her death her postcard collection contained several thousand items, all gleaned from house sales, flea markets, and exchanges with other collectors - quite an accomplishment in the days before Ebay.

     Betty was married to Byron Davis and had six children.  After her death in 1989 her daughter Deborah, with the assistance of her husband, scanned Betty's postcards of Fayetteville and donated the disk to the Fayetteville Library.  The images have been printed, indexed, and annotated for the use of the community and as a memorial tribute to Betty and her part in the fabric of our lives.  She is buried in Fayetteville Cemetery.

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Ann L. Moore

Fayetteville, New York

May 2004

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