Fayetteville Free Library ~  Betty Davis Memorial Postcard Collection

  Businesses of Fayetteville

  13.1 Business Section, Fayetteville, NY
  22.2 Business Section, Lower Village, 1927
  24.3 Business Section, Genesee Street looking west, Upper Village, 1952
  42.1  Beard Block, Fayetteville, NY, 1906

10.2  "Where firemen fell", Beard Block, Fayetteville, NY


10.4  Beard Hotel fire, Fayetteville, NY
51.2 Beard Hotel fire, 1908
47.3  Beard Block after fire, April 23, 1908
11.2  Fayetteville Inn, Fayetteville, NY
21.3  Hotel Fayetteville.
9.1  Wand's House, Fayetteville, NY
52.2  Wand's Hotel, Fayetteville, NY
13.2  Country Club House, Fayetteville, NY
48.2  "Perfect Rest" Tourist rooms and cabins, $1 per person.  Breakfast, Lunches, Garage.  Mrs. E. P. Lee, Fayetteville, NY, Genesee Turnpike, Route 5 and 20.  Officially inspected and approved by Publicity Bureau.
16.4  Knause's Chair Factory, Fayetteville, NY
46.1  Mill yard and dam at the chair factory, Fayetteville, NY
11.1 J. Colwell Novelty Factory, Fayetteville, NY
11.3  View of the old Knife Factory, Fayetteville, NY
13.3  Merrell-Soule Company, Fayetteville, NY
39.1  Merrell-Soule Company, Fayetteville, NY
27.4  Precision Plant, Fayetteville, NY
29.3  E.B. Van Wagner Manufacturing Company, Fayetteville, NY
41.2  Bangs-Gaynor Company's Plaster Mill, Fayetteville
11.4 Bred in America by the American Karakul Fur Sheep Co., Fayetteville, NY 

"Karakul Ewes and Lambs which produce Persian Lamb Fur."

12.3  Butternut Creek Nursery, Fayetteville, NY