Fayetteville Free Library ~  Betty Davis Memorial Postcard Collection

  Churches of Fayetteville

  30. 1 Fayetteville was once known as the village with five taverns and no churches.  By the middle of the nineteenth century it was a village with five churches.  Left to right, the spires belong to the Baptist, Catholic, Episcopal, Presbyterian and Methodist churches. Tradition says that the bells in the five steeples were tuned to one another for a melodious effect when they were rung together.
  17.2 Church of the Immaculate Conception. (1907)  The Church of the Immaculate Conception and rectory were located on the site of the present M&T bank.  The buildings were demolished after completion of a new church campus on Salt Springs Street in 1969.
  27.2  Catholic church and Rectory, Fayetteville, NY
  30.2  Roman Catholic church and rectory,  Fayetteville, NY.

3.3  Church of the Immaculate Conception


9.3  Sanctuary of the Church of the Immaculate Conception. (c.1909)  The interior of the Immaculate Conception Church.  The original building was located in the upper village on the point between Genesee and Salt Springs Streets. 

3.1  Trinity Church, Fayetteville, NY

5.3  Episcopal Church, Fayetteville, NY
14.4  The Reverend Ernest Melville, Rector of Trinity Church, (1904-1907), Fayetteville, NY

5.4  Episcopal Church, Fayetteville, NY

18.2  Episcopal Church, Fayetteville, NY
36.1  Trinity Epsicopal Church, Fayetteville, NY (c.1958)  The steeple blew down in a wind storm in 1923, crashing across Genesee Street during the daylight hours without causing any injuries or damage.  The steeple was not rebuilt because the congregation thought the church looked better without it. 
6.1  Methodist Episcopal Church - This building at 304 Genesee Street was the second building used as a church by the Methodist congregation.
49.4  High Bridge Church. (c.1907)  This little church was located in the middle of what is now Highbridge Road in the hamlet of the same name.  It was across the road from the school house which still stands on the hill connecting High Bridge Road and High Bridge Street.  It was built in the 1840's by a group of dissident Methodists from Fayetteville.  Slavery was the issue.  It served many congregations before being torn down in 1953 when a modern bridge was built over Limestone Creek.
20.2  Methodist Church (c.1918)

5.1  The Baptist Church on the corner of Academy and Genesee Streets, was designed by Archimedes Russell.  The building was demolished in 1934 after the Baptist and Presbyterian churches combined in 1933 to form the United Church.

18.4  Baptist Church (c.1912)
49.1  The I.O.O.F Temple started life as the first home of the Baptist congregation.  It was located on the south side of Genesee Street in the upper village approximately where the parking lot is for Kirby's Restaurant (408 Genesee Street.)  Over the years the building was also used as a hotel and used for classrooms by the school district.

5.2 Presbyterian Church (c.1910)

7.1  Presbyterian Church (c.1910)

45.1  Presbyterian Church

The Presbyterian Church, built in 1859, became the United Church after the Presbyterian and Baptist congregations combined in 1933.