Articles & Publications

The FFL has been featured in the following publications:

Articles Featuring the FFL:

  • The Week: "The Surprising Innovations of Your Local Librarians," November 2015
  • Information Today: "Making and Community Engagement in the Library," October 2015
  • American Libraries: "Making for STEM Success," May 2015
  • Fast Company: "The Internet of Things Plan to Make Libraries and Museums Awesomer," January 2015
  • Library Journal, Beacon Technology Developed by Two Library App Makers, November 2014
  • Eagle Bulletin, "The 'Geek' Life," August 2014
  • Eagle Bulletin, "Into the Fab Lab and Beyond," June 2014
  •, "The Electric Gamebox Challenge,"2014
  • New Scientist, "Books out, 3D printers in for reinvented US libraries," 2014
  • Syracuse NewTimes, "Negotiating Reality: Adventures in 3D printing at the Fayetteville Free Library," 2013
  • Library Journal, "Sue Considine - Movers and Shakers 2013," 2013
  •, "If Not for the Library," 2013
  • CNY Central, "White House Honors Fayetteville Free Library's Executive Director," 2013

Articles written by the FFL team:

  • ALSC: "Encouraging Families to Play Outside," September 2015
  • STAR_Net: "STEAM Up Your Library - With Help from Your Community," September 2015
  • STAR_Net: "Judging a Science Fair, July 2015
  • STAR_Net: "Using Junk to Spark the Imagination," June 2015
  • ALSC: "More Coding for Kids," May 2015
  • STAR_Net: "House of STEM," May 2015
  • STAR_Net: "Coding: It's for Everyone," April 2015
  • STAR_Net: "Minecraft: A Fun STEAM Skills Builder," March 2015
  • STAR_Net: "Little Makers: Electrifying STEM Activities for Kids," February 2015
  • School Library Journal, "Geek Girl Camp: Creating a Community of Future STEM leaders, January 2015
  • STAR_Net: "Making at Your Library: No Buts About it!" January 2015
  • ALSC: "Camps: The New Trend in Summer Reading," September 2014