Berg, Elizabeth
Dream When You’re Feeling Blue
After sending their men off to fight in the war, sisters Kitty and Louise Heaney join their flirtatious younger sister, Tish, in writing letters to servicemen overseas.

Callanan, Liam
The Cloud Atlas
During World War II, Louis Belk, a young American bomb disposal sergeant, is sent on a mission to Anchorage, Alaska, to find and disarm the balloon bombs launched by the Japanese against North America, a search that leads him to encounters with a variety of haunting individuals and sends him on a lifelong quest to understand the meaning of faith, friendship, trust, and love

Chipps, Genie
A Woman of the World
Legendary photographer Kate Goodfellow, known for her beauty and invincible spirit, reflects on past adventures, love affairs, and profound accomplishments in a world dominated by men when she is left stranded in a lifeboat after a torpedo strikes their troopship during World War II.

Davies, Peter Ho
The Welsh Girl
At the height of World War II, a forbidden romance blossoms between seventeen-year-old Esther Evans, the daughter of a Welsh shepherd, and Karsten Simmering, a troubled young German POW, who questions what he has been fighting for.

Ellis, Virginia
The Photograph
A photograph of young Maddy Marshall dancing with Lieutenant Tull-Martin on the night before he and her brother shipped out during World War II serves as a reminder of a time of innocence, before the realities of war shatter a family forever.

Ford, Jamie
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
When artifacts from Japanese families sent to internment camps during World War II are uncovered during renovations at a Seattle hotel, Henry Lee embarks on a quest that leads to memories of growing up Chinese in a city rife with anti-Japanese sentiment

Hely, Sara
War Story
Surrounded by placidity in a town ultimately threatened with military invasion in 1939, a group of friends deals with the arrival of Maggie Dunlop, a troubled Scottish girl who unknowingly causes feelings of unrest and jealousy.

Huth, Angela
Land Girls
Three women become land girls (volunteer farm workers) during World War II and, even with their different backgrounds, they all find themselves attached to the farm and its inhabitants.

Kennedy, A.L.
Five years after the end of World War II, Alfie Day, an RAF airman and former World War II POW, is given the chance to relive the glory of the war as an extra on a POW film, an opportunity that leads him to new revelations about himself, the world around him, and the challenges and violence of modern life.

Lively, Penelope
In 1935, privileged misfit Lorna falls for a penniless and bohemian artist, Matt. She moves to a rustic cottage in Somerset. A baby, Molly, is born, but the coming war takes Matt - and Lorna's dreams - away. Lorna's decisions and their unforeseeable consequences come to shape the lives of her daughter, Molly, and her granddaughter, Ruth

Macomber, Debbie
Between Friends
Growing up in Post-World War II Era, Jillian and Lesley develop a close friendship, which continues, even as their lives pull them in opposite directions.

Rosnay, Tatiana de
Sarah’s Key
On the sixtieth anniversary of the 1942 roundup of Jews by the French police in the Vel d'Hiv section of Paris, American journalist Julia Jarmond is asked to write an article on this dark episode during World War II and embarks on investigation that leads her to long-hidden family secrets and to the ordeal of Sarah, a young girl caught up in the raid.

Smith, Alexander McCall
La’s Orchestra Saves the World

A stand-alone work by the author of the Isabel Dalhousie series finds divorcee Lavender fleeing World War II London and organizing an amateur orchestra that includes a talented Polish refugee who rekindles long-buried feelings.

Turow, Scott
Ordinary Heroes
Stewart Dubinsky plunges into the mystery of his family's secret history when he discovers his deceased father's wartime letters to his former fiancé, revealing his court-martial and imprisonment during World War II.

The Girl Who Played with Fire by Steig Larsson

Two reporters responsible for a sex-trafficking expose are murdered, and the fingerprints on the murder weapon belong to Lisbeth Salander, prompting the magazine's publisher, Mikael Blomkvist, to launch his own investigation to vindicate Salander.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Steig Larsson

While recovering in the hospital, Lisbeth Salander enlists the aid of journalist Mikael Blomkvist to prove her innocent of three murders and identify the corrupt politicians who have allowed her to suffer, and, on her own, Lisbeth plots revenge against the man who tried to kill her. 

Before the Frost by Henning Mankell

Taking a position with the Ystad police force shortly after graduating, Linda Wallander, the daughter of inspector Kurt Wallender, struggles with their contentious relationship before taking on the case of a childhood friend, who has disappeared.

The Man Who Smiled by Henning Mankell

Spiraling into an alcohol-fuelled depression after killing a man in the line of duty, Inspector Kurt Wallander has made up his mind to quit the police force, until an old acquaintance seeks Wallander's help to investigate the suspicious circumstances in which his father has died, only to end up dead himself.

Firewall by Henning Mankell

Inspector Kurt Wallander begins to suspect a connection between a series of crimes--the murder of a taxi driver by two teenage girls, the escape of one of the culprits, a power blackout, and a grisly discovery at the malfunctioning power station.

Eye of the Leopard by Henning Mankell

Arriving in newly independent Zambia in the hopes of fulfilling a friend's missionary dream, Hans Olofson endeavors to make Africa his home while struggling with such past demons as his father's alcoholism and a friend's accident.

The Man from Beijing by Henning Mankell

In the aftermath of the 2006 massacre of nineteen people in a Swedish village, Judge Birgitta Roslin, a granddaughter of two of the victims, discovers the nineteenth-century diary of a gang leader that reveals the case's eerie connections to the abuse of Chinese slave workers. Sold into sex slavery in their pursuit of better lives in Sweden, Lithuanian girls Lydia and Alena learn of a chance to secure their freedom and take revenge on their enslavers.

Princess of Burundi by Kjell Eriksson

When a jogger stumbles upon the mutilated body of the local reformed troublemaker, Inspector Ann Lindell takes time off from maternity leave to uncover the killer and is drawn into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a vicious murderer.

Demon of Dakar by Kjell Eriksson

While probing the brutal murder of one of the owners of Dakar, a fancy restaurant, detective Ann Lindell discovers that her suspects include his partner in the establishment, as well as everyone else who works there.

Abulhawa, Susan. 
Mornings in Jenin (2010)
Explores how several generations of one Palestinian family cope with the loss of their land after the 1948 creation of Israel and their subsequent life in Palestine, which is often marred by war and violence.

Amirrezvani, Anita. 
The Blood of Flowers (2007)
After her father dies without leaving her with a dowry, a seventeenth-century Persian teen becomes a servant to her wealthy rug designer uncle in the court of Shah Abbas the Great, where her weaving talents prove both a blessing and curse.

Aslam, Nadeem.
The Wasted Vigil (2008)
Marcus, an elderly doctor mourning the death of his Afghani wife and searching for his missing daughter and grandson, opens his home in Afghanistan to different houseguests with clashing ideologies and dangerous ambitions.

Ferraris, Zoe. 
Finding Nouf (2008)
When sixteen-year-old Nouf goes missing and is found drowned in the desert outside Jeddah, Nayir--a desert guide hired by her prominent family to search for her--feels compelled to find out what really happened

Firouz, Anahita 
In the Walled Gardens (2002)
Mahastee and Reza's childhood love is rekindled twenty years later after they meet at a concert, but complications are ever-present with each, as she feels trapped in a privileged life, while he has become a shadowy Marxist revolutionary.

Hamilton, Masha. 
Staircase of a Thousand Steps (2001)
Set in Transjordan before the 1967 war with Israel, Jammana and Faridah, the midwife, find themselves caught between the old world and the new.

Hensher, Phillip. 
Mulberry Empire (2002)
Follows the 1839 mission of fifty thousand British troops, who entered Afghanistan to replace the amir with someone less hostile, a campaign that led to the annihilation of the British forces and the triumph of the Afghans.

Hobbet, Anastasia. 
Small Kingdoms (2010)
Set in Kuwait during the ominous years between the two Gulf wars, Small Kingdoms traces the intersecting lives of five people--rich and poor, native and foreigner, Muslim, Christian, and non-believer--when they discover that a teenaged Indian housemaid is being brutally abused by her employer

Khadivi, Laleh. 
Age of Orphans (2009)
His innocence shattered when his parents are massacred by the soldiers of Iran's new shah, a young boy is taken in by the same army that killed his family, hides the truth about his Kurdish origins, and is instructed to kill his own people when he is deployed to his native Zagros Mountains

Khadra, Yasmina.
The Swallows of Kabul (2004)
Their lives as a diplomat and lawyer frozen by the ascendancy of the Taliban, Moshen and Zunaira find their situation becoming a nightmare when Zunaira is arrested and condemned to death

Khadra, Yasmina.
Sirens of Baghdad (2007)
Forced to leave the university when the Americans invade Iraq, a young man from a small desert village heads for Baghdad to join the resistance, until a top secret mission forces him to reconcile a proposed terrorist act with his own moral principles

Livaneli, Zulfu. 
Bliss (2006)
Raped by her uncle, a sheikh in a dervish order, teenage Meryem becomes an outcast for shaming her family, until her commando cousin Cemal is chosen to execute his defiant cousin and instead takes her to Istanbul

Matar, Hisham. 
In the Country of Men (2007)
On a hot day in Tripoli in the summer of 1979, nine-year-old Suleiman spots his father, supposedly away on business, across from the market square and wearing dark glasses, the first portent of grave danger in a previously unsuspected world

Mueenuddin, Daniyal. 
In Other Rooms, Other Wonders (2009)
A volume of linked stories describes the intertwined lives of landowners and their retainers on the Gurmani family farm in Pakistan, in a collection that explores such themes as culture, class power, and desire.

Wilentz, Amy. 
Martyrs’ Crossing (2001)
Israeli lieutenant Ari Doron falls in love with the wife of a jailed Palestinian militant in the midst of a wave of terrorism that he may have set into motion because of following orders to refuse to allow passage to a young mother and her ailing child