Internet Policy


The Fayetteville Free Library offers access to the Internet to provide electronic means of reaching ideas and information, thereby greatly expanding its information resources and services. Fayetteville Free Library will offer access to all users (provided that the rules of this policy are not willfully violated by any such user) and will provide assistance and materials that will lead users to interesting and useful Internet destinations and resources.

The Library Board of Trustees subscribes to the principles of free speech and expression embodied in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. These principles allow for the free exchange of ideas, some of which may be considered objectionable to some members of the general public. Accordingly, Library users should be informed that some material accessible on the Internet may contain information/content that is illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or potentially offensive to others.

The Fayetteville Free Library cannot be responsible for the information/content found on the Internet, nor can we assure that users will not access objectionable material. We recognize parental rights and responsibilities in this regard and strongly recommend that parents and/or guardians closely supervise (and/or restrict) their children's use of the Internet while at the Library.

It will be considered a violation of this Policy for a Library patron to engage in the following conduct:

  1. Abusive or harassing conduct.
  2. Intentionally viewing, downloading or trading material which is obscene, as defined by law.
  3. Any criminal or otherwise illegal conduct.
  4. Any copyright infringement. Users are required to comply with all licensing and copyright regulations that may apply to systems or software.
  5. Damaging, disabling or otherwise interfering with the operation of computers, computer systems (including, but not limited to, altering existing computer settings or filenames), software or related equipment through physical action or by electronic means.
  6. Downloading, installing or using software not expressly authorized by the Fayetteville Free Library.

The Fayetteville Free Library Administration is authorized to develop rules for appropriate use of the Internet at the Fayetteville Free Library. Regardless of whether a rule is specifically listed herein or in the Administration's rules, if the user's conduct while using the system disrupts the Library or its computer network, it will be considered a violation of this Policy and appropriate action will be taken against the violator, as provided for in the Fayetteville Free Library Patron Relations Manual and/or set forth in other Board Policy governing patron behavior. Federal, state and/or local law enforcement agencies may also be contacted where the violation involves criminal activity.