Storytimes & Early Literacy

At the FFL, we support your child from birth through grade school in their development of early literacy skills! Find out more:



Storytime & Early Literacy Program Schedule
Storytime Descriptions:

Cuddletime: For babies not yet walking and an adult caretaker. Have fun with your baby and make new friends as you learn action rhymes, bounces, songs and read short stories. Babies will hear lots of language and learn how books work. Print Cuddletime rhymes to practice at home!

First Steps: For children up to age 3 who are walking. This action-packed program includes lots of music and movement as toddlers learn new words, develop social skills and improve attention. Print First Steps rhymes to practice at home!

Music & Movement: Sing, dance, play musical instruments, and use the parachute in this fun early music education program. Recommended for children ages 0-6.

Signing Storytime: A program offered twice a month to introduce young children to signing vocabulary through sharing stories! Each month we will learn 6-7 signs that correspond to a book. Signs and stories will be repeated in the same month, but families are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible.

Yoga Storytime: A full body experience building early literacy skills and healthy bodies at the same time! Featuring puppets, stories, songs, yoga poses and breathing exercises for beginner yogis and parents. Mats are provided and make sure to wear socks! Registration is required for each session since space is limited. Ages 3-6.

Smart Play: Smartplay is a drop-in play program for ages 0-6 years, where kids can play at Literacy Stations that encourage the development of early literacy skills!

Musical Family Storytime: For children ages 2 1/2 to 5 years old. This interactive program combines live music, fingerplays and stories into an entertaining time for the whole family.


Early Literacy Tips

Early Literacy Tips

What is Early Literacy?

Early literacy is helping your child get ready for formal reading instruction. When children have learned early literacy skills before they enter kindergarten, they are at a distinct advantage when learning to read. Since parents and caregivers are a child's first teacher and primary role model, you can begin developing these skills at birth! The FFL has created Born to Read (birth to age 2) and Ready to Read (age 2 & up) kits that will help you and your child have fun with language while developing early literacy skills.

Child development experts have identified five simple activities that can help get your child ready to read:


Children learn language by listening.They learn new words and absorb general knowledge about the world around them. Talking to your child can help them develop vocabulary. 

*Tip - Stretch your child's vocabulary by repeating what they say and adding new words. "You want a banana? That's a healthily choice." 


Singing slows down language and helps children hear the different sounds that make up words. Singing also develops an awareness of rhythm and syllables. 

*Tip - Sing the alphabet song to learn letters & sounds.


Reading with and to your child will help them learn how a book works and what print looks like. Children who enjoy being read to are more likely to enjoy learning to read themselves. 

*Tip - When you finish reading a book, ask your child to retell the story.  


Reading and writing go hand in hand and both communicate information. Children can learn pre-reading skills by practicing drawing and scribbling. It also helps improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 

*Tip - Have children sign their drawings and tell stories about what they drew. 


Play helps children think symbolically about real objects and experiences. It allows them to use spoken and written words to communicate about real life. 

*Tip - Encourage dramatic play to foster narrative skills.  


Early Literacy Kits

Early Literacy Kits

Our early literacy kits were designed to help your child develop the specific skills necessary to learn how to read. There are kits for children ages 0-2 years and 2+ years.

Ready to Read (2+ years) 

These kits are aimed at developing six early literacy skills for children from two years old and up. Each kit is designed to stimulate one specific skill. There are four kits available for each early literacy skill. Kits contain three different picture books and a pamphlet with suggestions for activities and supplementary information.  

The six pre-reading skills are: 


Phonological Awareness: Being able to recognize and play with the smaller sounds in words. 

*Tip – Sing songs and read books with rhyming words. (Visit our Storytime page for the songs and chants we use in Storytime activities for different ages.)
Supplementary craft idea for Kit 1Kit 2Kit 3, and Kit 4  


Print Awareness: Understanding that print has meaning and recognizing print everywhere, not just in books.

*Tip – Touch the words as you speak them.
Supplementary craft idea for Kit 5Kit 6Kit 7, and Kit 8  

Tell a 

Narrative Skills: being able to describe things and events, and tell stories.

*Tip – Talk to your baby about what you’re doing.
Supplementary craft idea for Kit 9Kit 10Kit 11, and Kit 12 


Letter Knowledge: recognizing that letters look different and learning their names and sounds. 

*Tip – Practice recognizing shapes. 
Supplementary craft idea for Kit 13Kit 14Kit 15, and Kit 16. 


Print Motivation: learning to be interested in and enjoy books.

*Tip – Start reading to your child early.  
Supplementary craft idea for Kit 17Kit 18, Kit 19, and Kit 20.   


Vocabulary: learning the names of things.

*Tip – Identify everyday objects to your child.
Supplementary craft idea for Kit 21Kit 22Kit 23, and Kit 24 

Click here for more books that emphasize these skills. 

Born to Read (0 - 2 years)

These kits are aimed at developing literacy skills for children from birth to two years old. Each kit is designed around a subject theme. There are twenty-three different subjects:



 First Words






 Baby Animals



 Sign Language

 Baby's Body



 Things that Go

 Bath Time



 Wild Animals


 Farm Animals



Each kit contains three board books, a music CD, some activity suggestions, and a toy that are related to the subject.


Picture Book Categories

Picture Book Categories

The FFL is currnetly in the process of sorting our picture book collection into categories. 

The goal of the picture book categorization project is simple; we want to make the collection more accessible and to help kids, parents, and teachers find the books they’re looking for. We also want them to discover other titles they might be interested in. We have identified six main categories for picture books, and have developed specific criteria for each one. Those categories and criteria are listed below.

Each category is designated by a specific color and we are now classifying, stickering the books, and updating the call numbers for each title.  We hope the end result is a collection that is organized in a way that is more intuitive to the patron and which improves access, browsability, and discovery.

For more information, contact Stephanie Prato, FFL Director of Play to Learn Services: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stories RED

  • Authors 
  • Award Winners
  • Characters  
  • Fairytales and Folklore
  • Song and Rhymes
  • Silly Stories
  • Wordless Books

Growing Up ORANGE

  • Behavior & Values
  • Family & Friends
  • Health & Body
  • Daily Life

Let’s Learn YELLOW

  • Art & Colors
  • Words & Alphabet, Books & Reading, Language (Sign, Foreign)
  • Math, Numbers, Counting, Size
  • Music
  • History, Countries & Culture
  • Opposites

Our Living World GREEN

  • Animals & Pets
  • Dinosaurs
  • Nature & Plants
  • Weather
  • Outer Space

My Community BLUE

  • Going Places
  • Activities & Hobbies
  • Careers  
  • School
  • Transportation & Machines


  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Halloween
  • Jewish Holidays
  • Thanksgiving
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Other Holidays