Extra, extra! Read all about it…on an e-Reader!  The FFL just released a Sony Reader, an iPad, 2 Nooks, and 4 Nook Colors for circulation.  If you’re curious about how they work, are thinking about buying one but aren’t quite sure if you’ll like it, or simply want to read an e-Book, stop by the FFL and check one out today.  I spoke with Pete Cioppa, Director of Teen Services, about the new devices:

Lauren: Hi Pete! Thank you for taking time to speak with me.

Pete: No problem.

Lauren: Why did the FFL decided to purchase these items?

Pete:  We wanted to provide our patrons with another avenue to connect with the library and the technology.  We know that there is a lot of interest in e-Readers but people are unsure if they will really use them.  By circulating these devices, we are giving people the opportunity to spend time with the devices and see if they like them.  We are constantly adding new books and magazines; there is a lot of material available.  Plus, they’re fun to play around with!

Lauren: What would you like patrons to know about this new service?

Pete: First, that everyone at the library is well versed on the equipment and are available to answer questions—don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it! That’s what we’re here for.  Second, they are all fairly easy to use. Don’t be intimidated by the machine! Once they get the hang of it, most people really enjoy using the devices.  

Lauren: Thank you for your time!  

Pete: Anytime.

Did you know:

1.)    The Nook Color is great for children! Picture books are displayed in full-color and include an option called ‘Read to Me’.  The voice sounds like a human, not a computer, and is a helpful tool for children learning to read.
2.)    The FFL offers both group classes and one-on-one instruction sessions on how to use any of the devices. To get one-on-one help with your e-Reader, check out the Events Calendar and sign up anywhere you see a "Tech Time" program. Call (315) 637-6372, ext. 2 for more information.
3.)     Each device is able for a three-day loan.  Stop by the circulation for more information on policies and procedures.

Happy e-Reading!



I had the wonderful opportunity to hear Rick Steves speak for the Gifford Lecture Series on March 15th.  The FFL has many of Steves’ books in the collection and if you would like to learn more about Steves’ perspective, stop by the library and check them out!

The essential message of Steves’ lecture was simple: broaden your perspective. He believes that people should travel to get out of their comfort zone in order to see what’s truly happening in the world.  He directed the audience to bring that information back to the US and challenge ourselves and our neighbors to ‘do it better’.

Steves stated that it is important to learn from travel and that the only way to do this is to meet and interact with people. In his lecture, he pointed out that it can be a powerful experience to spend time with people who see life from a different perspective.  Steves suggests that many Americans’ travel experience includes fitting five meals into one day and still making time to snorkel (cruising) and Steves is adamant that this is NOT traveling.  It may be fun but it is not traveling.

Steves also discussed how American media has affected our travel. “It’s charming to think news in America is news… it’s entertainment.” He emphasized how reporting news has become all about money and ratings that are accomplished by creating hysterical news programming.  Steves thinks that it is important that we not let this kind of news shape our perspective about the world and cited his recent trip to Greece as an example.  News media has been reporting on the riots and anarchy there for months; from his personal experience, Steves said this is simply not the case. There are some protests and the occasional anarchist group that takes advantage of having a news crew around to film them, but he emphasized that Greece is not falling apart.

Steves reiterated that he is not an ‘America-Basher’; he loves this country and would not want to live or work anywhere else.  During his lecture he said that every country has its own dream, it just may not be the ‘American Dream’.  Steves pointed out that many people around the world love individual Americans, they just do not like our trade policy and perceived militarism.  Steves noted that our country represents four percent of the world’s population and yet we have more money and resources invested in our military than the remaining ninety-six percent of the world. This fact affects the way people from other countries view America. Steves said, “America has a brand problem, an image problem.”

Steves believes that Americans shouldn’t stay home and avoid traveling because of terrorism.  He stated that it is important to realize that those who peddle fear (e.g. politicians and the media) also have an agenda. He said, “the flip side of fear is understanding.”  He believes that we should travel more to fight terrorism because it is harder to demonize people you know.

Steves concluded his lecture by stating that the most powerful souvenir you can bring home from a trip is a broader perspective and that we should refuse to be “dumbed down” by news media. He believes that it is essential to go out into the world and get first-hand experience if we are to be engaged world citizens.

For more information please check out:
The Gifford Lecture Series
Find Steves' books at the library

On Thursday, February 10th at 7pm the Fayetteville Free Library is hosting a Gluten-Free Expo.  The event will feature two speakers, Kathy McDermott of Hiatus Consulting and Laurel Prisco of Natur-Tyme, as well as the opportunity to meet and greet local business owners, support groups, grocery stores, and restaurants that offer gluten-free products and services.  Many of the vendors will be offering free samples of tasty gluten-free food--including g-free pizza from Pizzeria Uno's!  

Why go do people go g-free? According to Brenda Shea, Director of Community Relations at the FFL, "Some people have a serious allergy to it and experience very painful symptoms. People with an autism or celiac diagnosis, or even severe joint pain are told by their doctor to go 100% gluten free, it can sometimes be overwhelming. There are books, websites and support groups with very helpful tips. We just want to get people the resources they may need".  

Additional businesses that will be spreading the gluten-free word at the FFL are:
Syracuse Real Food Co-Op
Yum-Yum Bakery
CNY Celiac Support Group
DANIO, Autism Support Group
The Grain Exchange
Hiatus Consulting
Dr. Irum Hussain, Tipp Hill Family Chiropractic
Tops Supermarket
Pizzeria Uno

Please join us for a fun-filled g-free evening! Spread the word!