Monday's Activities

Our first day of Geek Girl Camp was amazing! Our 44 girls divided into 4 groups, where they made new friends and got to know about each other. Here's how the day went:

10-11 AM: Camp rules; Meet the Team Leaders; "About Me" icebreaker activity; trivia and science games 

11-12: Fractals lesson and scavenger hunt; fractal building activity with marshmallows and toothpicks

12-12:30: Lunch

12:30-1 PM: Q&A with Laura Coberly, from SUNY ESF, a researcher on human dependence on mangroves and reforestation in Senegal

1-2 PM: Bristlebots activity

2-2:30 PM: Skype call with Karina Lewis-Martinez, a scientist who works in the immunochemistry department of a pharmaceutical research company

2:30-3 PM: Peeps chemistry experiment and intro to scientific method