Tuesday's Activities

Tuesday was super fun! We focused on computer programming and circuits. Here's how we spent our time:

10-11 AM: Watched She++ documentary, about women computer programmers. Lena Levine, a web developer from Girl Develop IT, spoke to us and led us through a programming demo - teaching us how to program her to button her shirt!

11-12:30:  Learned about circuits and electricity. Made a gigantic human circuit with the Makey Makey! Experimented with Snap Circuits and littleBits kits.

12:30-1 PM: Lunch

1-1:30 PM: Met Dori Farah and Mackenzie, from SU's iSchool. Played beachball game with technology questions

1:30-2: Learned how to program using Scratch

2-3: Worked on our Scratch projects; shared our progress