Wednesday's Activities

Every day just keeps getting better and better! On Wednesday, we focused mostly on physics. We built things, launched things, and used a lot of trial and error until we got things right! Here's what we did:

10-10:45: Amelia Hritz, our guest speaker from Cornell, talked to us about the science of psychology and how this psychology is used in the field of law

10:45-12: Learned about physics concepts such as gravity, force, projectiles, parabolas, and more! Went outside and launched many items on our trebuchet. We used the scientific method, making predictions about how far various items would go, then tested them out and measured the results. We even launched water balloons at our camp counselors!

12-12:30: Lunch

12:30-1: Guest speaker - Kate Brodock, president of Girls in Tech

1-2:30 PM: Marble run challenge- Worked with our teams to make a marble start at one point and end in a tiny Dixie cup, using only scissors, tape, cardboard tubes and PVC pipe! 

2:30-3 PM: Mini cataput challenge- Worked with our teams to make catapults that would launch our pom-pom projectiles into the other teams' quadrants!