Thursday's Activities

10-11 AM: Lesson and experiments with dry ice. Learned about stages of matter, and sublimation. Experimented with dry ice inside, then went outside and made dry ice in plastic bottles explode!

11-12:30: Learned how to use the 3D printer. Every girl got 3D printer certified, and can now stop in our FFL Fab Lab and use a 3D printer any time! We made 3D printed friendship bracelets.

12:30-1 PM: Lunch

1-1:30 PM: Learned about density and viscosity. Made our own cups of oobleck, a non-Newtonian fluid, with cornstarch and water. Oobleck recipe and lesson

1:30-3 PM: Went outside and took turns dancing on and playing in a giant pool of oobleck! Observed how oobleck reacted differently when different forces were applied.