Fayetteville Free Library's Lip Dub Video!



Do you recall the opening scene for the season 7 premiere of NBC sitcom, “The Office,” where the entire staff lip synced to the song, “Nobody But Me?" Well, the FFL has created a similar “lip dub”-style video! "Lip dub" is a type of video that combines lip syncing and audio dubbing used to make a music video.  Lip dubs are often created in a single unedited shot.  Pete Cioppa, FFL's Teen Services Librarian, directed the video.  Cioppa said, “We want viewers to see that libraries are changing.  They are fun, exciting community centers; they are technology centers.  How better to get that point across than to shoot a music video inside a library – you can’t help but smile.  We had so much fun doing this.”