Goodbye Gluten!

On Thursday, February 10th at 7pm the Fayetteville Free Library is hosting a Gluten-Free Expo.  The event will feature two speakers, Kathy McDermott of Hiatus Consulting and Laurel Prisco of Natur-Tyme, as well as the opportunity to meet and greet local business owners, support groups, grocery stores, and restaurants that offer gluten-free products and services.  Many of the vendors will be offering free samples of tasty gluten-free food--including g-free pizza from Pizzeria Uno's!  

Why go do people go g-free? According to Brenda Shea, Director of Community Relations at the FFL, "Some people have a serious allergy to it and experience very painful symptoms. People with an autism or celiac diagnosis, or even severe joint pain are told by their doctor to go 100% gluten free, it can sometimes be overwhelming. There are books, websites and support groups with very helpful tips. We just want to get people the resources they may need".  

Additional businesses that will be spreading the gluten-free word at the FFL are:
Syracuse Real Food Co-Op
Yum-Yum Bakery
CNY Celiac Support Group
DANIO, Autism Support Group
The Grain Exchange
Hiatus Consulting
Dr. Irum Hussain, Tipp Hill Family Chiropractic
Tops Supermarket
Pizzeria Uno

Please join us for a fun-filled g-free evening! Spread the word!