Name Position Phone
Fayetteville Free Library Fayetteville Free Library Staff 315-637-6374
Circulation Desk Renewals 315-637-6374 ext.1
Information Desk Reference Librarian 315-637-6374 ext.2
Susan Considine Executive Director 315-637-6374 ext.307
Heather Matzel Director of Patron Services 315-637-6374 ext.310
Leah Kraus Director of Community Engagement and Experience 315-637-6374 ext.324
Maija McLaughlin Director of Digital Access & Discovery Services 315-637-6374 ext.318
Margaret Portier Director of Innovative Family Services 315-637-6374 ext.337
Mike Cimino Technology Integration Specialist 315-637-6374 ext. 339
Monica Kuryla Director of Innovative Information Access 315-637-6374 ext.320
Peter Cioppa Director of Technology Integration 315-637-6374 ext.326
Sarah Lawler Director of Partnerships and Outreach 315-637-6374 ext. 317
Stephanie Prato Director of Play to Learn Services 315-637-6374 ext. 322
Kristen Peirson Director of Creative Content & Programming 315-637-6374 ext.309
Katie Kaczorowski Director of Marketing 315.637.6374 ext. 332