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Alexander, Robert
Rasputin’s Daughter
Interrogated by the provisional government of revolutionary Russia on the details of her father's death, Maria, the daughter of Rasputin, remembers her father's powerful influence over the throne, her struggles over the discovery of his true nature, and the numerous threats to his life.

Arnold, Gaynor
Girl in a Blue Dress
Recently widowed Dorothea Gibson examines her difficult life with a late, beloved, celebrity author during Queen Victoria's reign in this novel based on the real-life troubled marriage of Charles Dickens.

Boyle, T.C.
The Inner Circle
In 1940, innocent young John Milk accepts a job as an assistant to Dr. Alfred Kinsey, an Indiana University zoologist studying human sexuality, and takes part, along with his wife, in sexual experiments that become ever more uninhibited.

Boyle, T.C.
The Women
Recounts the life of Frank Lloyd Wright as told through the experiences of the four women who loved him: the Montenegrin beauty Olgivanna Milanoff; the passionate Southern belle Maud Miriam Noel; the spirited Mamah Cheney, tragically killed; and his young first wife, Kitty Tobin.

Bundrick, Sheramy
Nineteenth-century French prostitute Rachel Courteau becomes drawn to one of her newest clients, Vincent Van Gogh, and a true relationship blossoms until outside pressures threaten the safe haven they have created.

Charyn, Jerome
The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson
A fictional exploration of the life of Emily Dickinson explores her relationships with her tempestuous sister-in-law, her brooding father, and the Reverend Charles Wadsworth, who may have inspired some of her greatest poems and letters.

Cowell, Stephanie
Claude and Camille

Falling in love against the backdrop of nineteenth-century Paris, struggling impressionist artist Claude Monet and the enigmatic Camille Doucieux carve out a life together that is threatened by Camille's dark past.

Cowell, Stephanie
Marrying Mozart
The lives of the four Weber sisters are changed by the arrival of twenty-one-year-old Wolfgang Mozart, a young man struggling to find his place in the eighteenth-century musical world.

Doctorow, E.L.
Homer and Langley
A tale inspired by a true story finds the blind Homer Collyer closeted within a once-grand Fifth Avenue mansion with his damaged brother and remembering a life marked by colorful characters, political events, and technological achievements.

Gael, Juliet
Romancing Miss Bronte
Remaining lonely in spite of her literary celebrity, Charlotte Bronte endures unfulfilling trips to London while spending time with her aging father and his brash curate, Arthur Bell Nichols, who reveals his long-time secret love for her.

Hall, Brian
Fall of Frost
A tale inspired by the life of Robert Frost traces the eminent poet through his final year, during which he remembers family members whom he had lost tragically, meets Khrushchev while visiting Russia, and surveys his commitment to renew himself through his writings.

Hunt, Samantha
Invention of Everything Else
Louisa, a young chambermaid at the Hotel New Yorker, forms an unlikely friendship--based on a mutual fascination with pigeons--with the hotel's most famous resident, eccentric and pioneering inventor Nikola Tesla, during his final days.

Lazar, Zachary
A novel inspired by the early years of the Rolling Stones, filmmaker Kenneth Anger, and Manson family associate Bobby Beausoliel exposes the dark side of the nineteen sixties.

Malmont, Paul
Jack London in Paradise
A tale inspired by the life of the famous American author finds him addicted to morphine in his fortieth year and submitting to early psychotherapy in Hawaii before falling in love with the wife of a dangerous and powerful Hollywood filmmaker

Mercurio, Jed
American Adulterer
A provocative tale based on JFK's White House years portrays the thirty-fifth president as a politically savvy champion of human rights whose compulsive sexual appetites cause him to pursue an endless stream of conquests with devastating results

Min, Anchee
Pearl of China
A tale based on the life of novelist Pearl S. Buck follows her as she grows up in late-nineteenth-century China; befriends Willow, a Chinese peasant girl; and with Willow shares life's joys and sorrows, despite the Communist revolution.

Murphy, Yannick
Signed, Mata Hari
A tale inspired by the life of the infamous spy finds a woman awaiting execution in Paris and attempting to save herself by recounting the story of her Netherlands childhood, self-reinvention after ending a loveless marriage, and performances for the crowned heads of Europe.

Naslund, Sena Jeter
Abundance: a novel of Marie Antoinette
A fictional tale of the life of Marie Antoinette presents the story of a teenage empress's daughter who is forced to leave her family home to marry the future king of France and who rebels against the formality and rigid protocol of court life.

Pipkin, John
Henry Thoreau accidentally sets fire to three hundred acres near nineteenth-century Concord, Massachusetts and affects the lives of three people, a Norwegian farmhand, a bookseller and aspiring playwright, and a preacher, as they respond to the disaster.

Preston, Caroline
Gatsby’s Girl
A historical novel based on the life and times of Genevra King, F. Scott Fitzgerald's first love and muse, reflects on what her life would have been if she had chosen the writer instead.

Sellers, Susan
Vanessa and Virginia
A tale inspired by the complex relationship between Virginia Woolf and her painter sister, Vanessa Bell, traces their shared childhoods in the shadows of their complicated parents, their competitive and collaborative artistic relationship, and their unconventional marriage arrangements.

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