FFL Makerspaces FAQs

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1. Can we schedule a visit/tour?

Yes! Please contact Executive Director Susan Considine to schedule an FFL Innovation Tour, which includes a tour of our FFL Fab Lab and FFL Digital Creation Lab. Email sconsidine@fflib.org, or call (315) 637-6374 X307.

2. What "maker" programs do you have available at the FFL?

View our Classes & Programs page for a list of current hands-on making and learning opportunities.

3. What tools and technologies are available?

We provide access to many different types of tools and technologies in our makerspaces.

4. What policies do you have associated with your makerspaces?

  • Patrons must be "Certified" before they are allowed to use the 3D printers, vinyl cutter or laser cutter independently. They must attend a one-on-one training session with a librarian in order to become "Certified."

5. What costs are associated with your maker technologies?

Please refer to the following vendors for accurate, current, up-to-date pricing and information:

It is free to use our Makerspaces. We do charge small fees for using certain materials in our Fab Lab. See fflib.org/fablab for a current pricing list.

6. How big are your makerspaces?

  • Our Fab Lab is approx. 2500 square feet. Our Creation Lab and Little Makerspace are both approx. 250 sq. ft.

7. How do you staff your makerspaces?

  • The Fab Lab is open for operation and staffed 40 hours/week by FFL staff members, including support staff and professional staff members, and community volunteers. Our goal is to have the Lab open all hours the library is open (66 hours/week) by 2014. We are currently working to shift our staffing to community volunteers. We rely heavily on community experts to teach classes and lead programs in the Fab Lab. The Creation Lab and Little Makerspace are unstaffed, drop-in areas, developed and maintained by the FFL team.

8. What about safety and liability issues?

Check with your building insurance representative about the new service for any local requirements or code compliance issues.

View our Maker Agreement to see the rules we have associated with our Fab Lab makerspace.

View our Fab Lab Safety sheet

9. Is the FFL available to speak on this topic?

Please contact Sue Considine, FFL Executive Director at sconsidine@fflib.org or 315-637-6374 X307 to discuss and arrange.

10. What are other libraries doing?

While we were the first library to provide public access to 3D printing technologies, other libraries are also now offering access to maker technologies. Such libraries include:

11. Other questions?

Read more about our maker programs and services:

  • Library Journal: "Made in a Library" webinar
  • Eagle News: "Fayetteville Free Library unveils creation lab as part of larger renovation"
  • Syracuse.com: "Fayetteville Library offers cutting-edge technology for patrons"
  • Mind/shift: "The Public Library, Completely Reimagined"
  • Forbes: "First Public Library to Create a Maker Space"

Still have questions? Please contact Sue Considine, FFL Executive Director at sconsidine@fflib.org or 315-637-6374 X307.