Little Makers is a free play area in the Children's Room with toys and bimonthly programs that encourage children ages 5-8 to imagine, create, and build. The goal of Little Makers is to facilitate the development of critical thinking, problem solving, and STEM skills. Toys include:

  • Goldieblox
  • Roominate
  • Bionic Blocs
  • Kaleido gears
  • Legos & K'nex

Also featuring a gallery wall to display children's art. Consider leaving your creations for us to display!

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September 2013

Topics: Stars, Galaxies, Outer space

What we did: Using a simple, no bake recipe, we made our own playdough, colored it with food coloring, and rolled it in glitter to make the stars in our galaxy! Then, we wired the playdough to a laptop using the MaKey MaKey, and explored a skymap of outer space using Celestia, a free educational computer program developed by NASA to teach kids about astronomy.

November 2013

Topics: Literacy, Storytelling, Writing

What we did: Together as we thought about storytelling and narrative. We talked about the parts of a book (cover, title page, author, text, illustrations) and used that knowledge to make our own books out of acordian paper and cardboard.

October 2013

Topics: Electricity, Circuits

What we did: Using the library's Snap Circuit Jr. Kits, we learned that electricity is a kind of energy that we can use to make things move, light up, heat up, or make sounds! We followed the instructions in the kits to make functional circuits that could turn on lights, make a music box play, and even make a fan fly up into the air. These kits are avaliable in the Fab Lab for you to use anytime!



December 2013

Topics: Science, Meteorology

What we did: We made two types of snow in this experiment: one came from the sodium polyacrylate crystals in disposable diapers (just add water!) and the other was derived from a mixture of shaving cream at cornstarch. We had fun comparing our fake snow to the real stuff, playing, and getting a little messy.